Council Tax: property industry responds to Scottish Labour proposals to carry out a revaluation of residential properties

22 Mar 2016

In response to an announcement by the Scottish Labour Party that it will carry out a revaluation of residential properties in Scotland for tax purposes if it is successful in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections-

David Melhuish, director of the Scottish Property Federation, said: “The last valuation of Scottish residential properties was carried out in 1991 so in our view a revaluation is long overdue.

“We believe council tax revaluations should be undertaken regularly to keep the tax base relevant.  The SPF has long advocated that introducing more bands at the higher end of the system would help to make the council tax system more proportionate, particularly if a fairer system of contribution by each band can be introduced. 

“Such reforms could be easier to administer than more complex measures which would seek to charge residents a percentage based on their differing property values.”