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On a daily basis, we engage with the government on the property industry in Scotland as well as provide our members with regular analyses of the property market and government policies.

In this section you can take a look at some of our work, including publications, briefings and consultation responses.

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+ Land and Buildings Transaction Tax rules for Property Authorized Investment Funds - SPF Response

SPF and BPF response to a consultation on the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Riles for Property Authorized Investment Funds, advocating for a relief.

28 Aug 2015

+ Scottish Commercial Property Sales Report Quarter 2 - 2015

Our analysis of value and volume of commercial property sales in Scotland from 1 April 2015 to 30 June 2015. Contact: David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk

24 Aug 2015

+ Rural Affairs Committee call for evidence on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill - SPF Response

The SPF response to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee call for evidence on the the wide ranging Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

14 Aug 2015

+ Response to Consultation on proposals for a Transaparency in Lobbying Bill

SPF response to a consultation on proposals for the draft Transparency in Lobbying Bill which seeks to make provision about lobbying, including provision for establishing and maintaining a lobbying register and the publication of a code of conduct.

24 Jul 2015

+ Servitudes Without a Benefited Property

The Scottish Government is seeking views on servitudes without a benefited property.   Issues have been raised with the Scottish Government about long pipe-lines which provide a general benefit rather than a benefit to a specific property.

20 Jul 2015

+ TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan - SPF Response

A response by the SPF to the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan

3 Jul 2015

+ A consultation on the Scottish Fiscal Commission

A consultation on proposals for legislation to establish the Scottish Fiscal Commission as a body corporate and as part of the Scottish Administration.  The consultation closes on 26 June 2015.  Contact: David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk 

26 Jun 2015

+ Commission on Local Tax Reform - SPF Response to call for evidence

The SPF response to the Commission on Local Tax Reform which sought to recommend alternatives to the current Council Tax system. The Commission has published its final report which can be found here.

26 Jun 2015

+ Commercial Real Estate and the Scottish Economy

An analysis of the size, structure, and economic contribution of the commercial real estate industry in Scotland.

23 Jun 2015

+ Scottish Law Commission discussion paper on compulsory purchase and land compensation law

This SLC paper takes a fundamental review of proposals for reform of Scottish CPO powers and includes consideration of the ‘Crichel Down’ rules as they apply in Scotland.  The consultation will close on 19 June.  Contact: David Melhuish  dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk

19 Jun 2015
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