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On a daily basis, we engage with the government on the property industry in Scotland as well as provide our members with regular analyses of the property market and government policies.

In this section you can take a look at some of our work, including publications, briefings and consultation responses.

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+ Future of Land Reform in Scotland

Our response to Government's consultation on its draft Land Rights and Responsibilities Policy and proposals for a Land Reform Bill.  Contact David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk 

10 Feb 2015

+ Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004: Proposed Changes To Guidance Within Domestic And Non-Domestic Building Standards For 2015

Our response to Government's consultation supports any changes which encourage consistency, as many of its proposals do, but notes a few areas for improvement.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

21 Jan 2015

+ Historic Environment Strategy For Scotland - Measuring Success

Our response to this consultation focuses assisting on helping Historic Scotland (HS) and its successor body to remain in a position to support positive outcomes for the historic built environment.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

21 Jan 2015

+ Proposals to Exempt Certain Heritable Securities from the ‘20 Year Security Rule

Our response to Government's proposals to exempt certain Scottish Government schemes from the ’20 Year Security Rule’ provisions.  Contact David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk

2 Jan 2015

+ A New Tenancy for the Private Sector

Our response to Government's consultation on proposals for developing a new type of tenancy for the private rented sector, setting out our views on the proposed outline of the new tenancy.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk

28 Dec 2014

+ Private Rented Housing: Enhanced Enforcement Areas - Regulations

Our response to Government's consultation on their approach to preparing the draft regulations for additional discretionary powers for local authorities to target enforcement in areas subject to poor housing conditions in the private rented sector.

12 Dec 2014

+ Planning Controls, Pay Day Lending And Betting Offices

Our response to Government's consultation on whether, and how, the planning system can address concerns around the negative impact of betting shops and payday lenders on town centre and shopping areas.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

14 Nov 2014

+ Managing Change Guidance Notes

Our response to Historic Scotland's consultation sets out our views on their guidance notes.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

7 Nov 2014

+ Completion of the Land Register

Our comments to the Registers of Scotland of the completion of the Land Register.  Contact David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk 

4 Nov 2014

+ Evidence by the Scottish Property Federation for the Finance Committee Inquiry into the Scottish Draft Budget 2015-16

Evidence by the Scottish Property Federation for the Finance Committee Inquiry into the Scottish Draft Budget 2015-16.  Contact David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk 

24 Oct 2014
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