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On a daily basis, we engage with the government on the property industry in Scotland as well as provide our members with regular analyses of the property market and government policies.

In this section you can take a look at some of our work, including publications, briefings and consultation responses.

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+ Edinburgh Local Development Plan – Second Proposed Plan

Our combined four responses to the Edinburgh Local Development Plan – Second Proposed Plan, considering housing, shopping, developer contributions, and employment and economic contribution.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

3 Oct 2014

+ Community Empowerment Bill

Our response to the Local Government & Regeneration Committee’s call for evidence on the Community Empowerment Bill.  Contact: David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk  

5 Sep 2014

+ Proposed Sub-sale Development Relief Regulations

Our response to Government's proposals for a development sub sale relief power to be introduced to the LBTT regime.  Contact David Melhuish dmelhuish@bpf.org.uk 

29 Aug 2014

+ Statutory Guidance for the General Purpose of SEPA and its contribution towards sustainable development

Our comments on Statutory Guidance for the General Purpose of SEPA and its contribution towards sustainable development.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk 

4 Aug 2014

+ SESplan Housing Needs & Demand Assessment 2

Our comments SESplan Housing Needs & Demand Assessment 2.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk

1 Aug 2014

+ BPF Annual Review 2013/14

In our first ever online Annual Review, we highlight 14 things we achieved for our members in 2013/14. It also features BPF President David Marks giving a video introduction.

8 Jul 2014

+ Dundee Local Development Plan Supplementary Guidance - Developer Contributions

Our comments on Dundee Local Development Plan Supplementary Guidance - Developer Contributions .  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk

30 Jun 2014

+ TAYplan Main Issues Report April 2014

Our comments on TAYplan Main Issues Report April 2014.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk

27 Jun 2014

+ Draft Heat Generation Policy Statement

Our response to Government's consultation on the Draft Heart Generation Policy Statement (HGPS), which sets out how low carbon heat can reach more householders, business and communities, and a framework for investment in the future of heat in Scotland.

9 Jun 2014

+ SESplan Main Issues Report Early Awareness

Our comments on SESplan Main Issues Report Early Awareness.  Contact Mandy Catterall mcatterall@bpf.org.uk

2 Jun 2014
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