We lobby the Scottish and UK governments

Getting the best deal for property

We represent the interests of all those involved in the property industry in Scotland.


We aim to create the conditions in which the property industry can grow and thrive, for the benefit of our members and of the Scottish economy as a whole.


We do this by lobbying the Scottish and UK governments and other bodies on things like finance, tax, planning and sustainability.


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We provide places for people to work, live and play

Property is big in Scotland

Scottish commercial property is worth an estimated £51 billion.


The property industry in Scotland employs around 85,000 people and contributes around £5 billion per year into government coffers – some 5.7% of the country’s GDP.


As well as providing offices, shops and public and industrial buildings, the industry also contributes to local infrastructure projects.


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TIF is used to kick start development

Tax increment financing

We have worked hard since our inception in 2007 to persuade Scottish Ministers and local authorities about the potential of TIF projects for specific projects. This work is showing good results. In late 2010 the Scottish Government gave the go ahead for a TIF project at Edinburgh waterfront supported by City of Edinburgh Council. And in March 2011 support was also given for another TIF project at Ravenscraig, involving North Lanarkshire Council and private sector partners.
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SPF Supporting CSSC Scotland

SPF as ISL - Industry sector lead for Glasgow 2014

For the duration of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 (23 July to 3 August 2014) SPF has agreed to highlight and distribute key messages on business/public security and safety relevant to our industry.  We have been doing this regularly as part of our weekly update to members and we will continue to do so during and after the Games for future major events such as the Ryder Cup.

This role is supported by the Cross Sector Safety and Secutiy Communications Hub based from an RBS office in Glasgow.  The hub comprises Police Scotland, Transport Scotland, Glasgow City Council and a number of leading private sector businesse sin addition to RBS including Marks and Spencers, Tesco and many others.

Key information on the role of CSSC Scotland can be found here.      

In addition for the duration of the Glasgow Games a number of useful twitter feeds may be viewed here
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Go for Growth with Scotland's Economy
See our property manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections of May 2011.

SPF Commercial Property Sales Data Q4 Oct-Dec 2011
Figures on Scottish commercial property sales and number of transactions for Q4 2011.